What is Laser Acne Scar Treatment?

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Often people looking into laser treatments for acne wonder if scar removal is also possible. Scar removal is available, either as part of your basic laser acne treatments or as a follow-up treatment.

Acne scars, although a natural effect of the body’s attempts to heal itself can be unsightly and make you self-conscious. The good news is that you don’t have to live with your spots and scars forever. Lasers used for acne scar treatments and active acne treatment will both give you a boost of self-confidence. The real you can shine once your face is no longer hidden behind layers of makeup. If you are considering laser treatments for your blemishes, also consider treating your acne scars with lasers as well.

You can start treating your scars even if you are still in the process of curing your acne problem. Laser acne treatments can address pimples and scars simultaneously. If you and your doctor have tried traditional remedies, such as creams and medications, without full or lasting results, it is time to consider laser treatments. Many dermatology clinics provide this service.

There are different techniques for scar removal. If your dermatologist chooses a pulsed dye laser, it will have a healing effect on both current inflammation and many of your old acne scars. Since the heat of these lasers is absorbed by the redness in blood, they can shrink red and pink scars.

Skin resurfacing with an ablation laser is the most common technique of acne scar laser treatment. This method gently removes the top layer of skin cells, exposing the smooth, unmarked surface below. Another type of laser used for scar removal treats skin indentations. For example, carbon dioxide lasers stimulate the growth of collagen, which fills in scar pockets and promotes an even skin surface.

The way a laser works doesn’t affect your actual treatment experience. Whether you are having a treatment to cure and prevent acne, or you are seeking to remove scars, your experience in the dermatology clinic will be very similar. The doctor spreads an anaesthetic gel on your skin and then repeatedly applies a small device to the targeted area. When the laser beam enters you will feel a tiny “zap” which gives only minor discomfort. When the session is over–perhaps in 10 to 15 minutes–you may have some minor swelling and redness. This will be only temporary and will not interfere with your enjoyment of the rest of the day. The treatment is so easy that people find they can fit in a quick session in the middle of an otherwise busy day.

Using laser treatments to fade acne scars will be a gift to your self-esteem. When you treat both your acne and your acne scars, you will soon restore your skin to its original healthy and attractive condition.

Mark Bradford writes about laser acne treatments at the Laser Acne Treatment Guide, an essential resource if you are considering this revolutionary solution for acne. Lasers can do more than just treat your active acne, discover more about laser acne scars treatment.

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