Types of Acne Scars

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Treating acne scars requires some information about each particular type of acne scars. When we talk about acne scars, we are referring to the indentations left by acne lesions. They can be difficult to get rid of, but not impossible.Before attempting to treat any acne scars or marks, it is very important to get rid of acne entirely first. Once your face has been clear for at least three months, you can look into the best treatment options available. Trying to go for scar treatments with active acne can lead to more breakouts and more scarring.

Ice pick scars look similar to the hole left by an ice-picker. The holes are narrow but deep, which makes them quite difficult to fill up. Over time, all acne scars including ice pick scars tend to fill up naturally with collagen, but some are just too deep to heal completely.To prevent any type of scars from forming, it is very important to not pop or pick at your pimples. Ice pick scars are usually caused by comedones that are very inflamed. If the inflammation is severe, the scar will also be deep due to the loss of collagen.

Treatment options for ice pick scars include lasers: either fractional or CO2. The CO2 laser is much stronger since it penetrates the deepest skin layer. It also takes a long time to recuperate after laser exposure, and you will need to apply antiseptics to your skin every few hours. Fractional laser is a less intrusive treatment that basically aims to accelerate the production of collagen. The procedure reduces recovery time and has fewer possible side-effects since it is a non-ablative laser therapy. However, the costs of any laser treatment, as with laser treatment for active acne can be quite high, somewhere between $ 1000-5000 per procedure.

Another technique that can improve the appearance of ice pick scars is a chemical peel. The peel consists of an acid which is applied to the skin and removes its top layers. Depending on the severity of the scars, the peel can be lighter or deeper. It takes about a week to recuperate from the peel and side-effects include skin redness and photo-sensitivity.

Box car scars are wide and have a rectangular shape. Box car scars can be shallow or deep, but they are generally not as deep as ice-pick scars. The recommended treatment type for box car scars is the laser therapy. A non-ablative laser can be used for the more shallow scars. Also, silicon can be injected under the skin in order to raise the scars, but the procedure has temporary results. The silicon filling technique can have many side-effects, including infections and allergic reactions.

Rolling scars have a round shape that makes the skin have a rolling appearance. Laser can also be used successfully for this type of scars. Another treatment option for rolling scars is to try skin-needling, a procedure in which tiny holes are punched in certain spots in order to promote collagen formation. It can take many months to see the actual results, but the procedure requires very little recovery time.Silicon filler is another option that can be considered, as well as subcision, a technique that cuts the scarred portion of skin in order to form new tissue. Dermabrasion can also be used on rolling scars. This technique removes the upper skin layers by using a diamond wheel. The procedure can be quite painful and it takes almost two months to see some results.

Hypertrophic scars are basically raised portions of skin, which are an excess growth of scar tissue. One treatment option for this hypertrophic scars is steroid injections that help reduce inflammation and reduce the size of the raised tissue. In addition, the doctor may choose to also inject an antibiotic in order to improve the results.

Before attempting to get rid of acne scars by using any of these methods, it is very important to find a very reputable doctor. He can then assess your particular case, and depending on your type of scars and skin type, he will recommended a certain treatment option. Also, always talk to somebody that has underwent the procedure and that can offer valuable input and help you through the post-treatment recovery process.

There are 4 main types of acne scars – ice pick, box car, rolling and hypertrophic. Discover the appearance of and treatment options for each type of acne scar. Visit http://www.acnepimplehelp.com for more acne help. Collect your FREE guide to making your very own cleanser, toner and mositurizer for acne-prone skin here!

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