See Pictures of Acne Victims – The “Acne Crime Rate”, A Never Ending Battle!

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There are several stages of acne, or should I say, three types of acne conditions:

1) Mild Acne
2) Moderate Acne
3) Severe Acne

In which case, all three would require your attention as soon as possible. Let’s take the milde acne for instance, it is of course the simplest form of acne and can be treated by simply washing your face regularily or cleaning the area where acne is present wiht luke warm water. Apply a mild acne topical solution like Benzoyl Peroxide or Salicylic Acid. Both can be found and purchased over the counter at your local drug store or pharmacy.

Now for moderate acne, this is usually acne that would cover over 50% of your face or somewhere on the body. Not yet the severe stage, but can come close to it if not treated right away. At this stage, I would suggest visiting your dermatologist to get more test done on your skin so that you can be treated with a more stronger acne regimen. Some treatments that would be offered at time of visit could be something like a “blue light theraphy” treatment or you may be prescribed oral medications or even a topical solution.

If you are experiencing the severe stages of acne, this is the type of acne that consumes your entire face and/or body over 50%. These types of acnes appear to be more severe and leave permanent scarring to the skin. They look more inflamed and cyst like as well. If this is where you are at in the stage of acne, it is urgent that you seek medical treatment with your dermatologist as soon as possible! Neglecting to treat the problem, could result in long term facial or body scarring.

See Pictures of Acne and Understand the Different Treatment Solutions

Most people think that acne only affects the facial area, but that is further from the truth! Acne can consume the entire body as well if left untreated. Though it is more problematic on the face, back, neck and even arms. Reports show that these body parts affected with acne are the worse cases.

Topical aide such as Benzoyl can help reduce and treat acne with success. Ointments like Benzoyl Peroxide can be easly bought over the counter at your local drug store. Benzoyl will come in several levels of strength factors, from 2.5 and above. Topical medicines like Benzoyl can help minimmize the sebaceous gland activity and unblock clogged pores.

The use of Retonoid cream is also a good way to get fid of acne problems. Retonoid is mainly known for removing white heads, black heads and comedonal acne. But for those who suffer with moderate to severe acne, the best treatment of all is prescribed meds by the dermatologist. Specifically medicines like Menocyline, Accutane, Tretinoin and other will help clear your skin of acne.

If you are left with sightly horrific looking scars to the face or body, there is a home made remedy that it is being used right now called chemical peels. Though it may be a little risky doing this yourself if you are not sure what you are doing, therefore and professional doctor would be the logical choice. In closing to keep and maintain a healthy vibrant looking skin, be sure you are eating a well-balanced meal rich with nutrients, excercise more and get plenty of rest. This treatment is called the “natures cure-all” to vitaility and a healthy lifestyle!

To learn much more about the different types of acne symptoms and treatment options, please visit Adult Acne Treatments where you will find this and much more, including Pictures of Acne!