Acne Scar Removal: Are Natural Techniques Enough to Eradicate the Marks?

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Is acne scar removal by natural way effective? Home-made remedies and formulas concocted using fruits, herbs and other kitchen products might be considered as myth by some, but there are those who believe that they actually work. They might not always completely eradicate the marks, but at the very least, they minimize the scar’s appearance.

The good thing about acne scar removal using natural methods is that there will be no fear of extreme side-effects. Moreover, most of these herbs and plant extracts have double functions; minimizing the appearance of scars and giving the patient a healthier, smoother skin. So, let’s look at some of these natural-based options.

1) Citrus fruits. The juice of lemon, lime and oranges are said to be effective in making scars disappear. The citrus flavor is believed to be a natural remedy for skin blemishes, including spots left by pimples. Dabbing the juice on the mark and leaving it on for 10 minutes or so is supposed to result in a minor miracle after about two weeks of religious use. Another fruit that is often used for removing spots on the skin is pineapple. One can use its juice as astringent or crush the fruit and leave it on the scar for maximum results.

2) Natural oils. Lavender oil is the most highly recommended among these options. Applying lavender oil on the scar has been promoted as an effective method of eradicating it. Another option is rosehip oil. Whichever of these natural oils one prefers, the recommended dose is once to twice a day.

3) Mixtures, pastes and masks. Facial masks and pastes made from various materials that are found in the kitchen are also said to be effective in erasing scars caused by acne. Some of the preferred mixtures are those of yogurt with lemon juice; oatmeal with Aloe vera extracts made into a paste; baking soda mixed with lime juice and made into a paste; and egg whites used as facial mask. The mixture should be applied to the affected areas and left for around 10 minutes before washing off with warm water.

4) Garlic. Supposedly, having a clove of this on hand is one of the wisest things to do. Not only because it adds flavor to every meal, but also because crushing it and applying it to pimples and scars caused by pimples will result in something good. Despite the smell, garlic is said to be a highly effective skin-care and scar-removal ingredient.

5) Tomatoes. Another perennial kitchen ingredient, tomatoes made into a pulp, applied to scars and allowed to dry out for 10 to 15 minutes, is believed to be a sure hit when it comes to removing skin spots and marks caused by zits. Choose the ripest ones and you’re all set.

Acne scar removal using natural ingredients can be effective on some types of scars. They are also easy to find and easy to prepare and will not cost much. Trying one of these concoctions will not cause much harm and might even prove to be effective. provides you with information on a wide range of acne related issues, such as acne scar removaland much more. Wanna find out? Go to now!

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